Sunday, March 23, 2014

~More December - Noah, Christmas, Haircuts

Adam and I celebrated our birthdays.  He turned 37 and I turned 36.  He got me a Kitchen Aid and I got him trapping and snaring supplies with snowshoes.
Dec. 22 was our wards Sunday, Christmas Sacrament Meeting.  I was asked to speak and the young women were asked to sing a special number.  It was a normal Sunday morning mixed with a little chaos trying to get to church early.  Anyway, we made it.  Church started and just as the sacrament ended I look over at Noah and watch him slowly bend over.  I didn't think anything of it.  I continued to watch him fall off the bench and roll out into the aisle.  At first it was funny and I thought, "whoa! he's going to be embarrased for falling off the bench."  Then in the next second I realized he wasn't moving and instant panic set in.  I tried lifting him, but sometime in the last 9 years HE GREW and was REALLY heavy and unconscience!  Adam was right behind me and scooped him up and left the chapel.  I turned to the people sitting behind us and quickly asked them to keep an eye on the other boys.  By this time Adam had Noah in the foyer and was laying him down.  I was confused as to what was happening.  Things weren't registering very fast.  I knew Noah had passed out but after that, I wasn't sure.  I remember kneeling on the floor with Noah and realized someone else was sitting beside me.  It was Sister Evans and next to her was her mother.  They both have medical training.  I then realized more people were standing by.  I saw Brother McGee, Brother Hardman and Sister Wright was walking out of sacrament meeting.  It was an Emergency Response Team! Instant comfort fell over me.  I knew right then, Heavenly Father sent the most qualified people to help Noah.  All of these people (except Brother Hardman have medical training).  Noah started to come to.  He was upset and was confused, not knowing what had happened.  Seeing Jeanette was there (she's a very high-up ER nurse), Brother McGee, Sister Evans and her mom went back into sacrament meeting.  As Jeanette was looking him over,  I saw, to my surprise, there stood Bishop and Brother Wright.  The second wave of the Emergency Response Team!  Again Heavenly Father had sent the most qualified to assit with Noah.  This time to administer to his spiritual and emotional needs.  As tears streamed down my face, I could feel Heavenly Father's love for Noah and our family.  I immediately knew that Heavenly Father was aware of what was happening and was providing everything we needed at that moment.  Bishop, Brother Wright, Brother Hardman and Adam gave Noah a priesthood blessing.  After the blessing big, tall, Bishop got on one knee,leaned over and gave Noah a hug.  It was so sweet.  In that moment, I thought of the Savior.  He would have done that.  I thought of how he left the 90 and 9 to seek out the one.  I thought of how the Savior didn't discriminate.  He loved the saint and the sinner, the old and the young.  He administered and then loved.  And to see that Bishop and Brother Wright would leave the stand, in a packed Christmas sacrament meeting, to be there for the one...for Noah, my little Noah who the world would see as an average 9 year old was overwhelming to me.  That's what the Savior would have done.  All of these people who had come to help Noah were following in the Saviors footsteps.  In a matter of minutes, my spiritual eyes had been opened once again to Heavenly Father's individual love for each of his children.  I know without a doubt, He was aware of Noah and what was happening.
Continuing on...
A few minutes later, Jeanette had to go back into sacrament meeting to give her talk.  Then she walked right back out to be with Noah.  I went back in briefly to play the piano and then give my talk. It was really crazy!  I'm not sure how I played the piano and then walked right to the pulpit to speak, but I did.  I'm sure there was Divine help there also. On my way back out to be with Noah, one of the young men was waiting by the room where we had moved Noah into. He handed me a sandwich (which he had brought for himself) and offered it to me, to give to Noah, hoping it would help.  The acts of service and love just kept coming!  Adam took Noah and the other boys home.  I had to stay and teach yw's.  I'm afriad I was a little distracted during that lesson, but somehow made it through.  When I got home, Noah was fine.  He had eaten a hamburger and was watching a movie.  All throughout the afternoon and evening, phone calls and texts came to check on Noah.  This boy is loved! 
Christmas was great!  It was a cold one though. -40 and our pellet stove hasn't been working.  Thankfully Adam installed a little wood burning stove when I was in Arizona.  It's been keeping the house at a comfortable temperature.  On Christmas Eve we paid $400 for a cord of wood.  Ugh...  There are a lot of times I wonder why we are still living here.  When we have to load the stove every 2 hours, day and night, the thought crosses my mind often.  I miss home.
Christmas Day
Simon loved his karaoke machine.  He loves to sing and ham it up!
Levi just went around eating chocolate out of everyone's stockings.  He got blocks, a new sled and some other small things.  He's easy to please.

Jett got a 2DS and Skylander Swapforce and Noah got a tablet with some other random things.

Noah was a little disappointed because he didn't know what his tablet was capable of and Jett got what he wanted.  After we loaded some games and showed him how to use it, he was a lot happier.  The picture shows how he was feeling.  Made my heart sad.

He's climbing again!  This time on a pogo stick that's turned upside down.

Simon has a real talent for writing and illustrating stories.  One of his most popular tales (with our family) is called, "One-eyeball guy."  While in AZ I saw this eye-ball hat and had to get it.  Now he can wear his hat while he does his bookreadings :) 
Haircut time!  Before and afters...
Levi-I like his hair a little longer, but Adam likes it short and since they are boys...short it is! 


 Noah's hair grows so fast.  He needs a trim every two weeks.

I wish I would have learned a few things from the in-laws while we lived in AZ.  I took for granted that grandma and grandpa own a barbershop.  Hindsight.  Thank heavens for clippers cause I just wing it!

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Tamera said...

So I already knew the passing out Sunday story but you still brought tears to my eyes. Good job getting it down in writing. I love our ward.