Thursday, March 18, 2010

~Simon's trip to the ER, New Calling and Arizona

Pellet Stoves do get hot enough to burn your skin. Actually there was quite a chunk missing from Simon's arm last Saturday night. After coming in from the cold, Sim decided that he would get warm by the fire. He backed up to the stove, not realizing how close it was. By that time, his arm was already resting on the stove door. Pain, suffering...and lots of crying. You know how bad burns hurt.

Seeing the amount of skin that was left on the door of the stove and what Sim's arm looked like, I headed to the ER. About half way there he went hysterical, screaming..."I BROKE MY SHINGER! I BROKE MY SHINGER!" I kind of smiled and got his attention. I told him that no he didn't break his finger but that he burned his arm. He stopped crying for a second, looked a little surprised and said, "OH!" Then almost instantly he was screaming, "I BURNED MY ARM!!! I BURNED MY ARM!!!" A little humor amidst the chaos. Poor guy just knew that something hurt really bad.

As you can see from the picture, a bandage, juice box and pretzels made everything all better.

In other news...
I got a new calling. Young Women's President. I have 33 girls. It's been an interesting two weeks trying to get counselors and advisers. Now that the dust has settled, it's time to get to work.

We'll be flying home for a visit in just a few weeks...April 3-20. I'm looking forward to seeing the sun, being warm and wearing no shoes! It will be the first time everyone gets to meet Jett. I'm so excited!