Sunday, November 18, 2012

Adam's Hunting Trip

First morning of hunting got off to a great start...7 ducks!
Adam's first buck.  He named it Dillon.  All together Dillon equals 25 pounds of meat in the freezer.

Once the shooting stops the real fun begins

 Nice people loaned Adam their shop with their whole skinning set-up
As you can see, it's a monster buck
The ferry (above) was Adam's home away from home for four days.  He didn't feel the need to get a room so he slept on the floor, in chairs, in the theater room...good times!

Hunting cabins are nice too.  

This was Adam's friends buck.  Cat's got his tongue :)
Over all Adam's trip was very long, but he's glad to have had the experience!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Last week in Arizona

Museum of Natural History with Grandma Connolly

 Jumping on Grandma Connolly's trampoline with the sprinkler underneath.  So fun!

 Riding scooters at the park.  A real treat because there is no concrete on Alaska.  I know.  Ironic, since Adam is a concrete finisher.  Ok, so there is a little bit of concrete, just not much.

 Bowling with Grandma Connolly

Simon was there too, just didn't get him in any pictures.  This was a day before Adam and Jett headed back to Arizona in the truck.  At one point on the drive back Adam fell asleep going 70 mph and ran off the road.  Scared the crap out of him.  This I know because it was in Canada and we had decided that he wouldn't call unless it was an emergency (because of international roaming fees).  Anyway, he called.  Everyone was ok and thanks to many answered prayers our family all made it home from Arizona!!

Back to Arizona, Noah's Baptism

The day after we got back from California we had Noah's baptism.  It was a wonderful experience for our family.  The day started off with Whitney going through the temple.  I was so glad that I was able to see her grow and progess in the gospel.  It was a neat experience to be in the temple with Holly, Mom, Echelle and Whit.  Aunt Lana was also there and it was great to see her too.
So many people made sacrifices to see us while we were in the lower 48 (which we really appreciate!).  Rae and David drove 14 hours to be at Noah's baptism.  Rae gave a wonderful talk on the Holy Ghost.  They stayed the night and then left the next morning back to Colorado.
Also, Sheldon came from Kansas and it was really great to see him.  We love our family so much!
Jonathan and Lora didn't come from out of state, but they made a special effort to be around our family.  Another highlight is that they took the boys to see the movie "Brave." I'm pretty sure Noah and Simon got spoiled rotten that night.  Then before we left, they brought the boys gifts for their trip home.  Thanks Uncle JJ and Aunt Lora!

Noah's baptism was really special.  I'm so grateful to have the priesthood active in our home.  Adam was flawless as he baptized Noah and confirmed him.  We had about 60 family members combined from both the Slade and Connolly side.  I felt so much love that night.  To be together with my family was a little slice of heaven.  I will always cherish that memory.
 Afterward we had a dinner.  It was so wonderful to see Trisha and Tyler and their boys.

 Uncle Jon came down from Utah to see Noah get baptized and to be a witness at the baptism.  Long trip!  We really missed Katherine, Andrew and Carson.  We love the Earls!
 So much support from loved ones.  Shane and Jennifer brought their family down from Eagar.  Also mom took the week off work to be with us at Disneyland and then the baptism.  Jeremy and Echelle didn't have to drive too far to come to the baptism, but it was very special that Jeremy was able to conduct the baptism (because he's in the bishopric).  Holly and Kenny spent the week with us at Disneyland, but then Kenny had to be back in Wyoming to work.  Holly, however, drove with us from California so she and the kids could be at the baptism.  And Whitney and her family came from Las Vegas.  So many sacrifices to see us.  We love you all!
 Adam and I in the kitchen taking a deep breath!
 I didn't get nearly as many pictures as I wanted to with Whitney and Atlas.  But here is little Atlas.  I love him so much!
 Seriously whose idea was it to get the kids together for a picture? ;)
Slade grandkids
 Slade side (missing is Grandpa Slade and Derek, though we were so happy they were able to attend the baptism)

 Trish and I.
 Now it's the Connolly side...a little less chaotic.  hehe
 Connolly's and Chapman's
A great night!!

October-California and the beach (last day in CA)

Love, love, love the beach!
Seal Beach


 Even though it was FREEZING, Noah loved the water.

 One of the days highlights for both Noah and Simon were the seagulls that invaded our picnic.  Simon was crazy chasing and scaring them.  Note the expression on his face!
 Noah took on the challenge of hand-feeding them.  He got the hang of it pretty quick...and was very brave, I might add.  It took several tries, but I finally got this picture.  He says this was one of his favorites parts of the vacation.

Goodbye California!  Til next time...