Wednesday, February 16, 2011

~Moosie and Ice Fishing

I have a love/hate relationship with these animals. These big creatures are so much fun to watch, but when they start coming out in the open it means danger. They have nasty tempers. When they get mad, they snort and charge. Don't threaten a mama and her baby! Plus, they make the roads very dangerous. Just the other night the car in front of us, hit one. The next morning, another one was hit in almost the same spot. Very scary.

This little moose hung out in our yard for several hours, digging through the snow, eating.

It warmed up a bit so we went ice fishing a few weekends ago. We didn't catch anything, but it was a fun for a minute. Maybe we'll have better luck next time!
Noah didn't last too long, but Simon was extremely patient.
He sat on the bucket for quite a while. It was cute.