Thursday, March 19, 2009

~Reduce, Reuse and Recycle - Bird Feeders

Since we've been staying with Jeremy and Echelle we've been going through gallons of milk. I decided that all these empty milk jugs would be a great project for the kids. Plus it would reduce the amount of recycling and trash.

I did all the prep work and the kids did the decorating. Simon was more interested in painting the newspaper, but the bird feeders turned out great! Very colorful.

Jeremy and Echelle's girls also had fun with the project. The birds in this neighborhood are going to be well fed. We have five bird feeders in one tree!

~Holly, Annalee and Grandma Slade

Aunt Holly came to visit over the weekend and it was so fun to see her and Annalee. Both Noah and Simon got to hold little Annie.
I think they will be great brothers
for their new little brother or sister. What do you think?

It was fun for all the kids to spend some time with Grandma Slade too.

Friday, March 6, 2009

~A Little Good News

We are so excited to be having another baby. This little peanut is due September 10th.

I think it's funny that all three of my kids will have Sept birthdays. Most of you also know that Jeremy, Holly and I were all born in December within a week of each other. I guess I'm keeping with family tradition.

After two very long months I am finally feeling better, but I've already started to get fat. I really can't hide my stomach now. That stinks because I am only 13 weeks. Usually I like to wait a little before I tell people, but can't hide the obvious.

Noah wants another brother, just like Simon. The rest of us are hoping for a girl. Only time will tell!