Friday, July 20, 2012

~July has been fun!

I should have done better at posting this month.  We have done so many fun things!!  Below are a lot of pictures of the stuff we've enjoyed doing this month.

Simon really likes dragonfly's so we took a picture of this one on our house.  You can't really tell how large it is, but it was HUGE!

 The garden is doing well.  This was one month after we planted starters.  Now it's completely overgrown with cabbage but we are enjoying the lettuce.  The broccoli has florets and the peas should be ready soon.  The tomatoes will be a while longer, but we have plenty of those too!


Bowling with friends on a rainy day.

 Silly faces while waiting for food.
Criner, Kolbee, Jett, Simon and Noah


 4th of July parade in North Pole


 Many, many trips to Chena Lakes to enjoy the sun.
Simon age 5
Levi -  5 months 
 Noah age 6
 Jett age 2

 A dust devil the boys wanted me to take a picture of.  They talked about the tornado in Alaska all day!


Levi trying rice cereal for the first time.  Yummy!

Adams attempt to grow facial hair.  Two thumbs way, way down.  He was originally doing it as a joke with some guys from work but it just kept getting worse and worse.  I was so happy when he shaved it all off.  I really like his blue eyes in this picture though.


Botanical Garden at UAF


Creamers Field picnic and bird watching.
 (except there were no birds that day, but it was still a fun time with the McGee's)


Simon is losing teeth right and left...or should I say top and bottom :)


Camping at Birch Lake with the Bruntz'
Jett and Eric roasting marshmallows.  Eric was so good to follow Jett around since Adam wasn't there.

Only thing missing was the sun.
It was a very cloudy few days on the lake.

The fun playground on the beach of the lake

 Jett and Becky in the boat.

 Noah tubing with Cayley, Ty and Rylie.  Simon had already gone for a ride on the tube with Colton but I didn't get a good picture of it.

 Reminds me of the good old days at Roosevelt with my family.


Golden Days kick off at Pioneer Park
Pony Rides, Fire Trucks, Hots Dogs and Crafts

I've never seen pony rides with helmets, but the boys' friends put them on, so of course, my boys wanted them too.  They look like real jockeys!

  Fire Truck fun - ringing the bell

Levi snoozin

More pony rides...on the carousel.

It was a fun day and there are still more things we want to do before school starts.  We only have one month left!  I'm so sad!  I was frightened at the beginning of summer wondering how I was going to survive with 4 boys while Adam was working, but surprisingly it's been great!