Tuesday, May 29, 2012

~Holiday = Family Fun Day

Over the years Adam and I have tried to mesh our different traditions for holidays.

One Connolly tradition was that most holidays meant family work day.  Typical holiday projects for Adam and his siblings, included things like, re-roofing the house, painting the house, fixing other family members houses, working in the yard, building a shed, etc.  Usually it was in the grueling heat of the summer and everyone had a temper. 

My family always played on holidays and never did big projects.  I have great memories of holidays, but not many of our family working hard together.

Now that our boys are getting older, I love the idea of taking all the good parts of these traditions and combining them!  And...I think we were successful on Memorial Day.

One of our family goals for 2012 is to have a garden.  Memorial Day weekend is usually when Alaskans rush to get their plants in the ground.  This year, we joined the masses.

Our little garden box.

There's nothing more fun than a pile of dirt and riding in the back of a truck
(even if the ride was just in the drive-way).

Unloading the soil aka dirt.

Throwing the soil..."bombs away!!!"

Simon gettin' down and dirty in the fertilizer.
(this was his face when Adam told him what he was digging into)
After I took this picture, he threw some up in the air and unfortunately he still had his mouth open, screaming.  Let's just say, Simon got his first and hopefully last taste of steer manure.

Dad enjoying a moment with Noah, teaching him about roots and planting.

Our little garden.  It's not pretty, but it has Connolly written all over it!  Love my boys!

Because the growing season is so short we bought starter plants.  When we got to the nursery we let the boys pick out something special of their own.

Noah - Watermelon
Simon - Strawberry
Jett - Pumpkin (mom's suggestion)

We also got some lettuce, broccoli (Simon's fav veggie), cucumber, squash and peas.  And, we planted some carrot seeds.  We also had a sweet friend give us some tomato plants.  With this little project we are choosing to be optimists, in that, we are planning on an abundant harvest...even the watermelon!!  hee hee...

Wish us luck!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

~Fun at the park

 Jett's bloody nose, Noah smiling for the camera and Simon being silly.  Sounds about right :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

~My little mischief-maker

Friday I had to run to the church to pick up some paint that I had left there.  Being in a hurry (as usual) and only giving my actions a brief second thought, I put a box of acrylic paint in the backseat by Jett.  Minutes later I hear, "mommy, I painting!"  Yep, Jett painted the window and his carseat.

Another fun day, with Jett, was Sunday when he got kicked out of nursery for being too energetic while his teacher was trying to give the lesson.  Believe it or not, that's a first for our family.

This is what I know about Jett.  He's 2 and a half.  He's got lots of energy.  He's curious and he's full of love.  Even though he's hard to handle sometimes...I still love my little mischief maker!

Monday, May 7, 2012

~Greater Insight

I got an assignment from the stake to be a guest speaker at girls camp this year.  I taught mini-classes last year, but this year I will be speaking to all the girls as one group, close to 150 people.  I am to speak right before the stake president (PRESSURE!)  Anyway, last year, I taught rotating classes with much smaller numbers.

Since I got the assignment I've been praying about the topic, which is "self-worth and self-esteem."  I've known it to be true other times, but it has been confirmed to me again.  Experiences are given to me, to help give me knowledge and insight on what I've been praying about.

At 34 years old I feel like I should be past the social obstacles of youth, but I found that sometimes life is still hard.  It wasn't until I had the second experience that my eyes were opened and I realized that I was gaining greater insight on what I've been praying about.

Looking back, at the two very recent experiences where I had my self-esteem challenged...where others cut me down and I felt discouraged...there were also others there to lift me up (that's the greater insight).  It took me feeling bad twice to realize there were more to these experiences than the "bad" part.

After the first time, I received love and acceptance from my husband.  He listened, dried my tears and told me he loved me no matter what.  He told me that it doesn't matter how other people view me.  All that matters is that I am happy with myself.

The second time, a simple gesture from another...more mature person (I might add)... helped me to understand that I DO have friends here in Alaska.  Sounds simple-minded, but everyone needs a friend, right?

In both cases, I was reminded that there are people who care and then there are others who don't.  Surrounding myself with genuinely good people who are considerate and caring, is better than spending time and effort on those who only look out for "#1".  Also, I know there is opposition in all things.  But with the bad...there is also good.  Look for the good.

I love that Heavenly Father gives me little reminders of things that I've forgotten.  He knows me.  He loves me and He cares about my well-being as His daughter.  He hears and answers my prayers and blesses me with the things I need...like helping me with my girls camp assignment.

It's pretty cool.

~Levi 2 month update

My little cuddle-bug
  14 pounds
23 inches
 Levi is a very easy-going, content baby
Smiles all the time
Is sleeping in about 4 hour stretches at night, though we did have one 6 hour stretch (which was really nice)

Levi is the chubbiest baby I've had, but the most happy, I think.
I love this little guy.

~Mr. Creativity aka Noah

Noah has an artistic/creative side.  I believe that comes from his mama...which makes me happy.  Actually, out of all my boys, Noah is most like me...in so many ways.  Anyway, we recieved a letter from the school stating that Noah's artwork was being submitted to a contest in the school district.  The winners would have their artwork displayed in the Mayor's office.  About two weeks later we recieved another letter from the Mayor's office congratulating Noah for being one of the few chosen from his school to have artwork displayed.
The Mayor's office had a nice little ceremony for the selected artists and each got a certificate.  It ended up being about 50 kids from all over the school district from Kindergarten to High School.  Noah's little cat was displayed with 3 other pictures drawn by kids at his school.  When I asked him about all the designs on his cat, he told me they were Star Wars fighters.  ha ha...  I guess if you have an assignment to draw a cat, that's one way to get through it.

The same week, Noah's class also had a poetry reading and art show in the commons area of their school. Noah did a great job reciting the poem, "Notice."  He also had some pretty cool artwork displayed there too.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

~Simon - double whammy!

Simon lost 2 teeth in one day.  The first one came out in the morning.
 And the second, came out that evening.  Simon was one excited boy!
That night the tooth fairy brought Simon $2 and 2 toys.  Wow!!

~Easter Weekend

Random pictures from Easter weekend.

 There were a thousand eggs thrown out into the snow at Santa Claus House park.  The egg hunt lasted about 60 seconds.  It's always funny to me that we hunt eggs in the snow.
 Easter morning.  Levi looks thrilled with his bunny.