Friday, April 6, 2012

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. - YW's Activity

Last night for our combined yw's activity, the presidency dressed up (obviously) and lip-synced to Aretha Franklin's RESPECT. It was so funny. The girls got a kick of us being silly and I think we had a good time too. The theme for the activity was "Being Respectful." Sister Averett and Sister Ames spoke and did a fantastic job. Overall, I think the evening went pretty well. We had all but one girl show up.
My favs...
Sister Rhoton's shoes(even though you can't see them)and boppy ponytail
Sister Hardman's skirt and bling
Sister Abbott's gold egg earrings and hat
and my glow-in-the dark wig with the big pink flower, ha ha!!

Levi and Captain Jett

Levi 2 months old
Notice Noah's cute freckles.
Jett dressed himself up the other day and was running around like this. It was so cute I had to take a picture!

Grandma's visit

We LOVED having mom visit.
My favorite picture of her while she was here.
The week went by way too fast.
Here are a few pictures of the fun times we had!
Grandma's first day with the boys. It's been 2 years since Noah and Simon have seen her. They were so excited! Can you see how silly they were being? They were so happy. She was so tired because of flying all night but was wonder woman and powered through!! In the first hour she was here, she delivered gifts, played slap-jack and uno!
Mom kinda worried that since Jett had never met her, he would be scared of her...NOT! He acted like he sees her everyday. Instant BFF's! He kept putting his arm around her neck and cuddling with her on the couch. It was so cute!
Also, on Grandma's first day here, we took her to the Ice Park. Fun times!
It was a little cold, but Grandma survived. The ice sculptures are always pretty cool to look at.
Another adventure...The Knotty Shop
The snow was pretty deep, but Grandma was a good sport and trudged through it so we could get a picture. Simon wasn't heavy enough so he was able to walk on top of it.
We also drove G-ma out the Chena Lakes and drove down the boat ramp onto the lake to show her where we go ice fishing. This is one of the shacks that you can rent. Grandma is actually standing on the lake. She's being very brave!
Chena Hot Springs
Grandma enjoying the outdoor pool. The perfect combination of hot and cold.
Other fun things with Grandma included Grandma spoiling everyone with goodies, Noah and Grandma playing slap-jack 1000 times, a few games of UNO, cupcake making, Grandma's tacos, staying up late looking for the Northern Lights, lots of baby holding and Simon playing restaurant every afternoon with his best customer...Grandma!
I was a bawl baby when we dropped Grandma off at the airport. I usually don't miss family too much, until one of them comes to visit. Then I just get the urge to pack everything up and move home! Having Grandma visit made everyone super excited for our trip to Arizona in October