Monday, January 14, 2013


December came and went, but honestly I can't remember a lot of it.  As I get older, more of my memory goes. :)
The few things I do remember...
Noah had a holiday choir concert at school.  He did a fanastic job.  Last year, he had some anxiety and cried a bit, but this year, no tears and he sang the whole time.  YES!!

Adam and I celebrated our birthday.  Kind of a funny story.  The weekend before our birthday, we were driving to Fairbanks and I was opening mail on the way, while Adam was driving.  There was a birthday card from my mom with $40...$20 for each of us.  I decided I was going to use mine to treat the family to Taco Bell while we were running errands (I special right?!?)  As we were waiting in line I told the boys (jokingly, I might add) that since I was using my birthday money to feed them, they had to sing "Happy Birthday" to me.  I settled in for the serenade and realized Noah wasn't singing.  To my surprise, he was crying (Noah has sensitive emotions...always lots of tears).  After questioning him and feeling somewhat disappointed about my birthday song, Noah said he didn't feel like singing.  I'm wondering if he felt bad that I used my birthday money on Taco Bell.  I should have reminded him that Taco Bell is one of my favorite fast food restaurants.  Maybe he wouldn't have felt so bad. :/
The actual day of our birthday was pretty quiet. We didn't do much. Funny how that happens as you get older. I did make myself the traditional colored birthday pancakes and since it was also Adam's birthday I made him eat some too (he humored me...he doens't like pancakes).

But like I said, it was a quiet day and I didn't hear much from anyone (not that I really need to but it's nice to be remembered on the day of your birth ).
It ended on a great note though. I heard a knock on the door and it was a family from the ward, the Dorans. (I still don't know how they knew it was my birthday...very sneaky of them) One of the older girls, soon to be in yws, made a beautiful necklace for me. There was also chocolate and a sweet card. After they left, I shed a few tears and was so impressed and thankful for their thoughtfulness. I don't think they know they turned an ordinary day into a great birthday for me!!  Small acts of kindness DO make a huge difference.
A few days later, tooty-pants fell off the couch onto his head.  I saw it happening but couldn't get over to him fast enough.  When he fell, it looked like his neck got crunched pretty hard.  As I was consoling him, he vomited.  For two hours after the fall he threw-up.  I called Adam home and he gave him a blessing.  We waited for a little while, but every time he moved he'd try to vomit.  So we headed to Urgent Care.  The Dr. there told us that his eye looked droopy and that we needed to go to the ER for a CT scan.  If his eye was droopy, it was very slight.  I kinda think that Dr. just didn't want to deal with us.  Anyway, at the ER, Levi was still throwing up.  They gave him some Zofran to calm his tummy and we waited for two hours.  Then they sent us home without doing the scan, with instructions to come back in the morning if he wasnt doing better.

For the next 6 days straight, Levi threw-up.  We went to the ER twice, chiropractor for an infant adjustment, Urgent Care and the pediatrician, plus priesthood blessings.  Adam and I tossed so many ideas back and forth from Levi getting the flu to teething.  I decided since the Dr.'s didn't know what to do for him, my main goal was to keep him hydrated and to pray.  He didn't want to eat, but he would drink.  So he drank and threw-up, drank and threw-up.  Since babies have a hard time making it to the toilet or even aiming for a bowl, I kept a blanket underneath him to catch the puke.  My laundry pile grew faster than I could get it washed and dried.  About day 3 the dryer broke.  So, the day after Christmas we spent time at the laundry mat.  The next day, Levi stopped throwing up.  It was weird week and I was so worried about the little guy.  I still can't explain what was happening with his little body, but I'm pretty sure that Heavenly Father blessed him to heal and I am forever thankful for it and the power of the priesthood and prayer.