Sunday, March 23, 2014

~December 2013

Our traditional trip to see Santa was fun, as always.  Simon really wanted to go first :)

Levi was excited too!

After 9 years Noah is starting to warm up to Santa.  He stood by the big guy this year without tearing up. ;)  Go Noah

I printed up some cute little papers that said "Merry Christmas" to the Blacks and Jeremy's kids.  When I was in Arizona they sent letters back with me to hand-deliver to Santa. In both pictures he is holding their letters.  Really cool!  I printed the pictures out, framed and wrapped them.  Then mailed them as an early Christmas gift to each family.

This years ornaments
After Santa Claus house we made candy cane reindeer for an afternoon activity.

Always climbing on something, little stinker.

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