Saturday, March 22, 2014

~Young Women in Excellence, Nov 2013

I really loved the decorations for this YWIE (thank you Pinterest).  November is not the season for these colors, but with a little creativity, it worked.  Thanks to Tamera for sharing her pictures with me.  I never think of taking pictures of the finished product.  The night was very nice and the girls did a great job performing and showing off their Personal Progress Projects.  I still can't get over how cute the tables looked!  We probably should have moved the chalk board and extra tables out of the background though...oh well. 

The pinwheels were fun and easy to make.  I hot-glued them to wooden dowels and then attached them to painted 2x4s.  The wood was a little tacky, but I was on a budget.  I tried to hide most the bases with white cloth.

Most of the food was non-healthy, cute and yummy, but we did provide a few alternatives for those with allergies, i.e. fruit and veggies (everyone needs a treat right?)
The centerpieces were mason jars.  It took several coats of paint and then with a little sanding, they were done!  I really wanted hydrangeas but didn't want to pay the price (they are expensive!), so I purchased some fall flowers that were on clearance at Joann's.  I took apart the plastic pieces underneath so the petals would fall open a bit more and make the flower look fuller.  It worked.

Also, on the tables with the centerpieces were chocolate (of course), the program outline, and these cute little boxes.  There was one box for each girl.  Inside each leader had written a way in which that yw displayed a value or gave an example of something she was doing well to live the gospel.  I really wanted to the girls to know that they are doing good things and we notice when they make good choices.  Anyway, they turned out pretty cute too!

The banners turned out FANTASTIC!  I cut the shapes out on my cricut and Kim put them together.  Love, love, love!  I also made the stands for the banners to hang off of.  They turned out ok too, for a one time use thing.

My favorite part of the night was when the YW spotlighted a woman in their life that displayed a Value.  It was fun to hear each of them talk about their moms and grandmas.  I love these girls and can see what great women they are going to be someday.  

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