Thursday, April 29, 2010

~you're a little boy, not a dog

A little while after I put the boys down for a nap, I hear from downstairs, "Mom, come wipe my bum!" Super confused I went to investigate. See the only bathroom we have is upstairs and Simon was supposed to be sleeping, downstairs.

Sure enough, there is Simon, pants down looking at me with a big smile.

Totally proud of himself, he says, "I pooped outside!" Seriously!?! I hadn't even heard the door open...very sneaky.

After making him scoop his own poop and having a talk about why we don't poop outside, he walked inside the house and said,

Thursday, April 22, 2010

This is for Whit...Happy Late Birthday

All Whit wanted for her birthday was pictures of the boys. So, below are pictures from the last few weeks - our trip to Arizona. The date wasn't set right on my camera. The pictures really were just taken.

Noah's Freckles
They are so cute. This picture does not do them justice.
Easter at the Connolly's

Look at how white Simon is. He is truly an Alaska resident.
We spent a week in Eagar, but I left my camera in Mesa. Holly has pictures on her camera of the boys flying kites at mom's house. She also has pictures of Jett, Gavin (Jen's baby) and Kinsley (Josh's baby). They are all the same age and just super cute. When Holly forwards the pics, I'll do another post.

We went to the Maricopa County Fair with Amanda, Welcome and Sylas!
Thanks for a fun day!

Noah enjoying the pony ride.

Jett thought it was fun too!

The next day Grandma Connolly took us to the Wildlife Animal Zoo
It took a lot of courage for Noah to touch the star fish...but, he did it!

Grandma had a lot of fun teaching Simon how to pet the Sting Rays. These were just the right size for Simon.

Simon and the cute!

I also got to spend an evening with my cousins. We went to the Cheesecake Factory. YUMMY!! We were missing one thing though and that was Jana. I do have a picture with Jana when we were in Eagar, but that's on Holly's camera too.

We also went to Falcon Field Open House. We went last year and it was so fun.
The boys sittin' in the police helicopter.

Trisha, Tyler, Tanner and Nick came with us. It was great to spend some time with them. Can't you just see the trouble these four could cause!?!

Jeremy and Echelle met up with us also. Cousins! This was just a few hours before Jeremy's appendix decided to cause problems. Emergency surgery fixed it though. Poor Jer.

We also checked out the car show. Simon backed right up and sat on the bumper of this car. He liked it because it was orange.

Jett learned to crawl while we were in AZ. Go Jett!

Notice the tongue. It's always hanging out.

A proud papa... Shane's first baby was born while we were there. Oh she is so sweet. (Another picture on Holly's camera) Baby Kamryn looks just like a Slade. Congrats Shane and Jennifer.

Fun in the sun. Jett discovered many new things, like grass!

Playing in the water with Welcome and Sylas at Grandma Connolly's

This was Noah's smile for Aunt Whitney. He sure misses you.

On our 12 hour layover in Seattle we went to the mall to get Jett some clean clothes. It was a rough plane ride for the poor baby. He vomited too many times to count and for some reason, I didn't pack any extra clothes for him in my carry-on.
Just waiting for the cab...being silly.
Some other highlights (not pictured) of our trip to AZ is that we went to the temple a few times. I got to see some friends from Florence, had lunch with Lisa and Jamba Juice with Linda. We drove past our old house. It was occupied and looked terrible. Weeds everywhere. Honestly, I miss the square footage, but that's about it.

The day after we got home, we got Noah registered for Kindergarten. He's going to do GREAT!!