Sunday, April 3, 2011

~We had to come to Alaska to open a coconut

Survivor is one of our favorite shows this year. Yesterday when we were at the store the boys saw coconuts and really wanted to get one to drink the coconut the guys on Survivor. Sounded kinda interesting. I've never cracked a coconut so it would be a new experience for me too! So we got a few. Notice the use of a hammer and screwdriver :)
The meat, which was not very tasteful. Jett tried his hand at cracking the coconut too. He's very pleased with himself.

Simon was being camera-shy, but Noah was actually singing while working on his project. He did great! He shaved some coconut to take to his class for show-and-tell.

Adam had never cracked a coconut either. A first for everyone in the Connolly family!