Thursday, April 3, 2014

~Oops! How could I forget to report on "Dinner!"

Thanksgiving was great.  "Dinner" turned out to be 37.8 pounds after all was said and done.  It took 8 hours to cook that bird!  It was huge.  Adam has quite the story of how he rode that turkey bareback to slit its throat, all the while his adoring fans (the boys) cheered him on.  Adam had the boys help pluck Dinner.  Jett managed one feather.



Simon had to have a leg.  Kinda grossed me out! We shared with the Fullers.
My favorite part of the ward Christmas party was the Nativity.  Noah was an upset shepherd, Jett was an unhappy little lamb and Simon LOVED being a donkey. lol  The little stinker kept turning around and doing a donkey kick while the kids were singing their Christmas song.  It was hilarious!!  Wish I would have gotten a picture. Simon being Simon
The Primary Presidency asked Noah to be Joseph, right before it started.  I think he managed to give all of them a dirty look as they scurried around dressing kids.  He said he would stand there but not sing.  Then after it was over he went outside and cried.  He thought everyone was looking at him AND he had to stand by girls.  Heaven forbid.  Simon loved dressing up and wore his donkey suit everyday for a week. Its interesting how different my boys are.
I was not thrilled with my decorations this year.  I truly disliked the plaid table runners and the centerpieces were...well there are not words....  Why did I choose plaid??  I kept waiting for bagpipe players to come in.  Not one of my best.  The only thing I did like was the garland I put on the stage.

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Tamera said...

You crack me up! The cultural hall was lovely for the Christmas dinner! I would have loved to have someone come in playing the bagpipes :)