Monday, February 27, 2012

~Well Check for Jett and Simon

We were a little behind on well checks for the boys (6 months...and still haven't done Noah's), but the boys did great.

We see Dr. Brunner at Tanana Valley Clinic (TVC). She's great with kids.
Simon's stats

41 lbs

3 ft 5 in

5 years old

Simon also got his eyes checked. The nurse had to ask him several times if he was falling asleep because he was leaning against the wall like he was bored out of his mind. Another funny thing is that there was a flag on the chart. It had one star and three stripes. Very matter-of-factly Simon saw it and said, "That's the American Flag." As he went through each row he got more and more annoyed..."American Flag...American Flag...American Flag...I said, AMERICAN FLAG!"

Nothing wrong with his eyes!! Though, at some point maybe we should show him what the real American flag looks like, maybe count the stars and stripes!

Jett had to get 3 boosters. He was a brave boy, only crying for a second. When I found out that he had to get shots, I called in reinforcements...DAD! Adam happened to be off work, attending Noah's parent-teacher conference. When I called, he was done at the school and he and Noah were getting a donut. Within a few minutes he was at the dr.'s office. He walked into the room and proceeded to pass out donuts and kool-aid to Jett and Simon. Dr. Brunner walked in and the boys were covered in chocolate and sugar. They were happy, I was kinda embarrassed. At least they get fed. She laughed, but then asked when they had last seen the dentist and proceeded to give me a business card for a pediatric dentist.

Jett's stats

26 lbs

2 ft. 9 in

2 years old

Both Simon and Jett are in the 10th percentile. They are both healthy, just small.

~More Pictures of Levi

I think this picture pretty much sums it up for Levi. All he wants to do is EAT! He's always looking for his next meal.

Jett and Levi.

Wow, Jett's head is really big compared to Levi's. hehe!

Simon trying out the hospital bed.

Jett being superman with his coat at the hospital.

Going home!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

~Northern Lights

I wish I knew how to use my camera. These pictures don't do the Northern Lights justice.

They were so awesome last weekend!! The best I've ever seen.

One of my favorite things to see in Alaska! They are simply magical!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

~Levi Shane Connolly - welcome to the family!

Sweet baby Levi arrived as scheduled (by c-section) on

Friday, February 3, 2012 at 8:30 a.m.

7 pounds 11 ounces

20 inches long

Hello precious little boy.

We were truly blessed. The surgery went very smooth and Levi was perfectly healthy.

He looks just like Jett!

~Goodbye old pal - Jan. 2012

Cooper, the best dog in the world, met his maker after nine wonderful years of life. Right after Christmas Cooper got really sick. We took him to the vet only to find that his hip dysplasia had gotten worse and that he had arthritis all over his spine and in all his shoulders. It was heartbreaking to watch his health deteriorate over the last month of his life. Even the steroids, antibiotics and pain killers couldn't help him towards the end. He stopped eating and drinking and could barely walk. We knew that it was time for Cooper to go. The boys have never known life without Coop. When we decided it was time to put him down, Adam gave a wonderful FHE lesson on what happens with the body and the spirit when something living dies. It was pretty emotional. There were tears shed by every member of the family that night as we prepared to say goodbye to our dear friend. A week later Cooper died very peacefully at the vet's office.

Some of my favorite pictures of Cooper.
Coops favorite past time...sleeping!

The day before Cooper can see his shoulder out of place. Poor dog.

I felt a little silly the night Cooper died. I cried the whole time at the vet's office and on the way home (I tried to blame it on being 9 months preg, but I knew better...I loved Cooper). I didn't realize how attached I was to our sweet dog. The vet's office was really nice and made a paw print for us to take home, plus gave us Coops collar and tags. They were also very careful about wrapping Cooper so we could take care of his body.

One thing that's interesting about Alaska is that you can't bury anything in the winter. The ground is too hard (frozen). So you either have to wait til the summer when the ground has thawed or cremate the body. We chose to have Cooper cremated. I'm not a fan of that, but I also didn't want Coopers body in our shed for the next 4 months. I'd hate for the boys to find it. The day after Cooper died, Adam took the body to the bureau dog shelter and they disposed of it.

Several days after Coops death, the boys (especially Simon) had questions about Cooper and heaven. Simon was very sweet one day and asked if Jesus would get the thorns out of Coopers paw when his feet hurt. We had some great gospel discussions.

There are still times when I think about Cooper and all his funny ways. We miss our dear friend.

~Christmas Day and clean up - December 2011

Playing video games Christmas morning

After Christmas Day I am usually ready to get all the Christmas decorations taken down ASAP. Since we had a real tree this year, Adam decided he wanted to burn it in the front yard.
Goodbye tree!

The boys watching from inside...FIRE...simply fascinating!

Monday, February 20, 2012

~More Christmas Eve - December 2011

Making Cookies for Santa

My Little Bakers!

~Christmas Eve Tradition - December 2011

Since we live in North Pole, Alaska we have started a Christmas Eve tradition of visiting Santa and letting the boy pick out an ornament from Santa Claus House. Growing up, every Christmas Eve we would go to my Grandma's house for a party. A fabulous party! We'd eat pizza and enjoy each other's company and then the singing would start. We'd sing all the wonderful songs of the season until Santa walked through the door. Then, he would sit in the midst of everyone and reach into his big, red bag and pull out a Christmas Tree ornament for everyone present. I loved this Eagar Family tradition. While we don't have any family here in AK to have a Christmas Eve party with, we can carry on the tradition of getting an ornament each year!

(These pictures are out of order, but for the sake of saving time, I'm letting it go. )

Noah, Simon and Jett enjoying hot chocolate after visiting with Santa.

Simon and Jett love Jolly Old Saint Nick...
Noah...not so much...

Santa is still a little scary...however, Noah did accept a candy cane when Santa offered it to him :)

~Adam's Caribou named Chad - December 2011

Adam was so excited to get his first caribou this year. He said it wasn't very big compared to what's out there, but he was happy just the same.

You might be asking yourself, "why did he name his caribou?" I would have to answer, "I HAVE NO IDEA!" Adam's just a funny guy.
Yep, Chad's frozen head is in my living room. Can you see how mezmerized the boys were? I'm sure they were all dreaming of the day when they can get their first caribou...or they might have been wondering the same thing as me..."why is there a frozen caribou head in my living room next to the Christmas tree?" Ha ha ha!!

Funny you can see Cooper's legs under Chad's head.

~Ice Park FUN - December 2011

North Pole Ice Park is a lot of fun. It's a lot smaller than the one in Fairbanks so it's perfect for my little guys.

The ice sculptures are pretty awesome. There are some talented people in this world.
Noah and Simon on the ice chairs.

Jett in the ice bowl. Adam kept spinning it and Jett kept saying "faster!"

Adam's hat cracks me up in this picture. For some reason, I'm reminded of Goofy! The boys loved the ice slides too. It's a little bit scary as a mom to watch my boys go down these slides of danger, but thankfully no one got hurt. They all had a great time.


Noah and Jett

~Decorating the Christmas Tree - December 2011

The boys were really into helping this year. For the past 10 years I've decorated the tree by myself, in my favorite silver and white colors with my fancy picture frames and glass ornaments. This year I decided that I'd do what the boys like...RED! It was such a great evening with the family. I like doing it as a family much better than doing it by myself!

Noah was so sweet to help Jett. Brotherly love...

Simon all tangled in lights.

November 2011

Finger Painting - passing the time on Thanksgiving Break

Oh Jett!
On one of the warmer days (above zero) we were able to make a snow man! This snowman will be around until the snow melts in May. Ya, not a very pretty snowman...what can I was made by boys!