Saturday, September 11, 2010

~I got ya! Spear Fishing

This weekend Adam and I got to do something we've never done before. We went spear fishing with some friends from the ward. Late in the evening we left for Salcha (a nearby town). When it got dark we headed up river in the boat. Wes found a nice shallow spot and before we knew it, Casy had everything set up to start fishing. With spotlights and spears in hand we started looking for fish. Casy showed us how it was done by spearing a fish right away. She made it look so easy! It took several tries, and a few injured minnows, but eventually I got a fish to stick. Here is a picture of the poor little guy. (I took these pictures with my cell phone so they aren't very clear.)
We fished for a while, but because of recent rain the river was higher than normal and very murky. We didn't see any big fish and Adam didn't spear anything (he was waiting for the big guys to come out). It was still a great time and before we knew it, it was after midnight.

Our friend Wes speared the biggest fish. I thought he was going to fall out of the boat, but before I knew it, he pulled himself up and there was a fish on the end of the spear. It was pure talent! I was so impressed...
You know, just when I start missing Arizona, I get to have these great experiences with great people. Alaska is beautiful during the day, but I had never realized how wonderful it is at night. With no clouds in the sky, the stars were brighter than I ever remember seeing. It was just an awesome night!