Monday, September 29, 2008

Noah's Favorite Song

Simon says, "No More Stairs"

  • About a week ago Adam and I were unloading groceries from the truck and taking them upstairs to our apartment. As we were making our second trip we heard Noah say, "OH NO!! Come here guys." I made it around the truck just in time to see Simon ride his bike out of the apartment and half way down the stairs before his bike toppled, sending him flying head over heals through the air. By the time I made it to him, (in just a matter of seconds), he had blood all over his face and was very upset. After a thorough examination he ended up with a bruise on his head and a fat lip the size of a watermelon!
  • The next day as we were coming up the stairs from the basement (where we do our laundry) Simon started hopping up each step, acting like a frog saying, "rib-bit, rib-bit." Before I knew it he lost his balance, fell backwards, rolled over and slid the rest of the way down on his face. I couldn't help but chuckle at his bad luck. Of course he was upset, but there were no new ouchies. Thank heavens!


The things we like about Alaska

  • moose
  • the crooked tree in Creamer's field
  • daily walks with the boys
  • birchwood trees
  • getting to wear a sweater everyday
  • getting to see adam everyday
  • seeing the first snowfall of the season
  • tuning in to watch "The Grizzly Man Diaries"
  • actually being interested in "The Grizzly Man Diaries"
  • the fact that "fast food" is not fast, patience grasshopper
  • geese and cranes
  • realizing that sometimes life is just hard
  • did i mention moose?
  • no heat, ever
  • did i already say moose?