Friday, September 30, 2011

~Goodbye Tonsils

After having strep 5 times this year, we decided it was time to say goodbye to Noah's tonsils.

7:00 a.m. September 29, 2011

Surgery Center - Fairbanks, Alaska

Before surgery

After surgery

It was heartbreaking when they wheeled Noah out of the prep room and I couldn't go with him. He had tears in his eyes but was trying so hard to be brave. The surgery was very quick and he did just fine until he was waking up. From what the nurses told me, he got a little crazy and ripped the IV out of his hand. This happened before they could give him his next dose of pain medication. Understandably, he was not happy. They finally convinced him to swallow some other meds. When I got to him he was still upset, but calmed right down when he saw me. On the way home he threw-up, but since then has been doing okay.

Monday, September 12, 2011

~Enjoying Fall in Alaska

The men in my life!
Sweet boy, making wishes.

Dad teaching Simon how to skip rocks.

Dad retrieving the "perfect rock" that accidently got thrown in.

We throw little rocks and BIG rocks!

A few pictures of dad with his boys.

~Jett's Birthday and school projects

Since school started we've received several requests from out-of-state family members to help them with class projects. We've done postcards and letters about where we live. The latest project went to Noah. He helped his cousin, Abby, with her "Flat Abby." We took her around North Pole. We even took her to see Santa. Then we sent "Flat Abby" back with pictures and a letter about where we live.

Baby Jett Jett turned 2!
Birthday tradition...colored pancakes. Jett picked green this year!

~First Day of School

Noah was very excited for the first day of school. He is in 1st grade and his teacher is Ms. Krenzer.

Simon's first day of preschool.

He is attending 3 days a week at New Hope.

End of Summer Catch-up

One morning I realized that it was very quiet. So I went in search of Jett. This is what I found! He had gotten into my mascara. I laughed so hard. Later on I was grateful he hadn't poked his eye out. Still makes me smile.

Soccer was fun this summer. Noah did a great job.

His team name was the "Ninjas."

Uncle Shaner stayed with us for a few weeks. We LOVED having him here!

And...we really miss him.

This is how Simon felt about soccer for most of his season.
Not much soccer playing, but lots of silliness!
On one of the very few nice days we had, my friend Cheryl and I took the kids to Pioneer Park (Simon calls it "Chinese" Park). It has lots of fun things for the kids to do...train rides, carousel, miniature golf, playground equipment and places to eat.

Simon on the train

Noah, Katherine, Simon, Benjamin, Kristin and Jett

Creamer's Field Migratory Bird Refuge


Simon found this little shelter and wanted to stand inside. The bugs were attacking his head.
Noah, Simon and Jett

They all picked out their own clothes. They have great fashion sense, especially Simon!!

Summer went by so fast. The boys also took swimming lessons and we visited the lake a few times. It rained almost every day and it never got above 80 degrees. Now it's time to think about winter. Just a few more weeks until the snow comes.