Friday, October 1, 2010

~September catch-up

September was a busy month for us! All three boys had birthdays. I was super busy with Young Womens. Adam was out-of-town a lot. It's getting cold, but the good news is that it hasn't snowed yet!

Jett's birthday was Sept 1. Such a cute one year old. Here are some fun things about Jett.

  • First words, "Oh WOW!!"
  • Has 8 teeth
  • 25th percentile for height and 10th for weight
  • Walking for two months now
  • Loves meat, yogurt, green beans, sweet potatoes, squash, cheetos and red licorice
  • Not a fan of fruit
  • Really good at throwing
  • Loves his brothers and gives them hugs all the time
  • Has only slept through the night five or six times
  • Likes slapping the water when he takes a bath
  • Prefers his dad to anyone else
  • Likes to play with mom's hair, then tries to yank it out
  • Doesn't like birthday cake
Jett loved his GloWorm. Adam rolled his eyes when he saw that it was a gift from us, but hey...Jett carries that thing everywhere. It's his baby that lights up and sings.

Jett did not enjoy his birthday cake.
Sept 17-18th was the first 24 Hour Book of Mormon Read for the Young Women of North Pole Alaska
This was some of the group at the beginning.
These girls were the true survivors! We had several girls come and go because of scheduling, but it was a GREAT time. This was the second time I've done an all night read. Both times it was highly successful. The girls are still talking about it weeks later.
Sept 21st was Noah's birthday and Sept 25th was Simon's birthday so we did a party at McDonald's. I thought it would be great to just pay McD's a little money and they would do everything. I even called the morning of to make sure the party was set. We arrived about 15 mintues before the other kids only to find that McD's had forgotten we were coming. I was ticked, especially since I had already paid money. Anyway, the kids didn't know the difference. They had fun playing and being together. I was just annoyed because it was so unorganized.

The Birthday Boys!
These are my good friends, Becky and Makell. Missing is my other friend, Cheryl. We survive Alaska together!
Adam finally had a few days where he didn't have to be out-of-town. In his spare time he's building a garage for some people in the ward. He wanted me to take a picture of him roofing. It's so steep!
And if Adam had more time he might be able to kill something bigger, but for now...
last night's dinner - Grouse with a side of potatoes and carrots