Friday, June 18, 2010

I like to EAT, EAT, EAT...

If you look at Jett's eyes, you will see Simon. He looks so much like his brother!
Sweet Boy (runny nose, drool and all...)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

~I survived Girls Camp!

Girls Camp was a lot of fun this year. The girls in my ward are AWESOME!!! They were such good sports even though it rained every day. There was no fighting, complaining, drama or tears. Just lots of laughing, helping and memory making. I could not ask for better Young Women.

The theme was "Be Your Best Hero." The scripture hero we picked was Helaman and the Stripling Warriors. The ward camp director and I made two 8 ft. Stripling Warriors that guarded our camp. The girls thought that was awesome. We had swords, shields and headbands too! It was a lot of fun. The picture above only shows one stripling warrior. The other guy was kidnapped and being held for ransome. The girls look pretty serious in this picture, but they were trying to look tough! We were headed to steal back our warrior. Anyway, we are missing the YCL's in this picture, but the total that went to camp from our ward was 20. We had the largest group in the stake.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Adam's mom had lots of fun playing with the boys. She flew in from AZ, just so that I could go to camp. She had the boys for 4 days straight. Go Grandma Connolly!! Anyway, the boys had a great time and cried when she left today. My prayers were answered this week...everyone at home and at camp had a great time.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

~Soccer, Fish and Simon's Friend

Tonight Noah had his first soccer game. I was heartbroken I had to miss it. I had to go to Young Womens, but...I knew he'd do great. Noah scored 4 goals for his team. The only one to score. He's a natural when it comes to sports. Reminds me of my brothers!

"WHAT THE!?!" A girl on his team was taking the ball the wrong way.

Last week we went fishing with the Fuller's. The boys were catching fish right and left. It was AWESOME!! They were catching Lake Trout and Grayling.

Simon is naturally curious and will touch anything, but Noah is more cautious. Adam and I were surprised that both boys were getting their own worms and taking care of the fish they caught. Simon actually had one worm stretched out as wide as he is. Then he was pulling other worms apart into pieces. Gross but boys will be boys.

I had to include this picture of Simon's little friend. Don't worry it's dead. Simon carried this bumble bee around for days. He thought it was soft. Notice the hands. Little boys are meant to get dirty. Thank goodness for bathtime!