Wednesday, February 24, 2010

~What Noah learned in primary

Adam and Noah were chatting after church
and this is what I funny!!

A: Hey Spud, what did you learn in your primary class today?

N: Some bad guys were killing all the babies, so an angel came and said that Jesus needed to leave his home and go somewhere safe.

A: Oh ya? Where did Jesus go to be safe?

N: Scotland

A: Wait...where did Jesus go to be safe?

N: Dad! I said SCOTLAND!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Snowpants, Ice Crystals and Moose

Saturday the boys were getting ready to go sledding. Usually I get them ready, but Adam was helping out. I had to take a picture of Simon. It was hilarious!
I guess it was backwards day!!

Look at how beautiful these ice crystals are. Monday morning it looked so neat outside. All the trees were covered with this stuff. The sun was out making all the trees sparkle. So cool!!

This cute little baby moose was right by our house. In the last week we have seen moose everywhere. It looks like they're back.